• Have severe trouble breathing or severe chest pain
  • Are very confused or not thinking clearly
  • Feel faint or pass out (lose consciousness)


  • For general information https://covid19.govt.nz/
  • Healthnavigator has a great series of resources
  • Information on how to manage symptoms here
  • For managing children with Covid great resource here
  • You may experience very mild or no symptoms.
  • It is important to stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids.
  • Keep monitoring your symptoms so you notice any changes.
  • It is important to avoid running, strenuous exercise and high impact activities until you are totally well.

Call your usual Health Provider or Covid Healthline (0800 358 453) if:

  • You have new or more trouble breathing
  • Your symptoms are getting worse
  • You start getting better and then get worse
  • You have symptoms of severe dehydration such as:
    • having a very dry mouth
    • passing only a little urine (pee)
    • feeling very light-headed

Antiviral medications are available for people who may be more at risk of complications from Covid infections.

  • Click here for information on eligibility criteria
  • If you test positive for Covid 19, treatment needs to be prescribed within 5 days, although sooner is better.
  • Covid results are monitored to identify people who may be eligible for anti-viral medication, and you will be contacted to discuss whether this medication will suit you.
  • If you have not been contacted and think you may be eligible, please contact your usual health provider.
  • DO NOT call us for a prescription UNLESS you have positive result OR you have symptoms and are a household contact of a positive person.